Andy's collection

of Video Arcade Game
Manuals and Schematics

(and other paperwork :)

last updated January 21, 2019

I repair an awful lot of games, and i find that scans off of the internet just don't cut the mustard,
they don't have the specific revision you want, or are missing bits you need, or are illegible sometimes.
Not to mention it is far easier working from a bit of paper than it is from a computer screen,
therefore I have amassed 2 filing cabinets FULL of paperwork that i still use as a reference library
for fixing pcbs on a day-to-day basis. This list is mainly for my own benefit, so that when i'm out
on my travels, i know i can look it up and check i'm not buying duplicate paperwork. Quite a few
of these manuals were actually scanned by me and made available on the internet over the years.

Videogame Operator Service Manuals - OTHER MANUALS


Game Name Manufacturer Numbers comments
10 Yard Fight Taito 72-00049-001 schems plus supplement
18 Wheeler Midway #653 Jul 79 plus schematics and some service bulletins
280 Zzzap Midway #610 Dec 76 Complete set
4-Player Football Atari TM-139 1st Printing Operation, Maintenance, Service Manual
4-Player Football Atari DP-139-01 and -02 (1st) schem sheets
720 Atari SP-294 (1st) schems
720 Atari TM-294 (1st) manual
720 Atari ST-294 backdoor instruction sheet
720 Atari CO-294-02 corrected coin and credit option settings 2 sheets, main pink, other white.
'88 Games Konami #890400 with schems!
A.P.B Atari SP-308 TM-308 1st  
Afterburner Sega 420-5798-01  
Airborne Avenger (pinball) Atari TM-102 1st Printing nos
Alpine Ski Taito 72-00015-001  
Anti-Aircraft Atari TM-025 fully bound copy
Anti-Aircraft Atari TM-025 stapled copy with seperate schematics sheets plus warranty card!
Arabian Atari SP-237  
Area 51 Atari TM-402 Operations manual with basic schems
Area 51 Atari TM-405 2nd Printing Universal Kit Installation Instructions
Area 51 Site 4 Atari 16-34027-101 Universal Kit Operation Manual
Armor Attack! Cinematronics   Billy Mitchell Drive hehehe
Asteroid 19 Midway 9-12-73 cabinet wiring schematic sheet and 'General Instructions' manual (stapled, not normal midway manual)
Asteroids Atari DP-143-01 1st, 4th, 6th  
Asteroids Atari DP-143-02 3rd, 4th, 7th  
Asteroids Atari DP-150-01 1st cocktail schems
Asteroids Atari DP-150-02 1st, 2nd cocktail schems
Asteroids Atari TM-150 1st printing Cocktail manual
Asteroids Atari TM-155 1st printing Caberet manual
Asteroids Atari TM-143 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th printings regular upright manual
Asteroids Deluxe Atari CO-165-01 2nd print Factory now shipping with 3 ships notification
Asteroids Deluxe Atari TM-165 1st printing  
Asteroids Deluxe Atari CO-174-02 New Program with easier gameplay now shipping notification
Asteroids Deluxe Atari CO-165-01 1st print Factory now shipping with 2 ships 50cent game notification
Asteroids Deluxe Atari DP-165-02 1st, 3rd  
Asteroids Deluxe Atari DP-165-01 1st, 3rd  
Astro Blaster Gremlin/Sega 420-05852  
Astro Blaster Gremlin/Sega 3-25 version 3 pages service bulletin
Astro Fighter Bell-Fruit Mfg. 92-205-410 March 1980  
Astro Fighter DECO   English
Astro Fighter Gremlin/Sega


Pink cover with Sega-drawn schems

Astron Belt (cockpit II) Sega 420-5112 1st printing
Astron Belt Bally/Midway 0A30-00300-0000 Nov '83 Plus loads of service bulletins which i scanned and put on the DLP
Astrowars Zaccaria Full Schematics rare!
RAM/ROM Tester
Atari TM-120 1st Printing very tatty and stained
RAM/ROM Tester
- Modification Bulletin
Atari B-0058 - June 20, 1979 Modification instructions to allow testing of 'new' 8316E ROMS
Avalanche Atari TM-096 1st Printing  
BadLands Atari TM-334 2nd Printing universal kit instructions
Baseball Atari TM-135 1st printing  
Basketball Atari TM-137 1st, 2nd printing 1st = white, 2nd=yellow cover
Batman Atari TM-364 1st printing Kit Installation instructions
Battlezone Atari DP-156-01 3rd printing  
Battlezone Atari DP-156-02 3rd printing  
Battlezone Atari DP-156-03 3rd printing  
Battlezone Atari TM-156 2nd, 3rd Upright Manual
Battlezone Atari TM-166 1st printing Caberet Manual
Battlezone Atari TM-166 1st printing Caberet backdoor instruction sheet poor
Battlezone Atari DP-166-01 1st printing caberet
Battlezone Atari DP-166-02 1st printing caberet
Battlezone Atari DP-166-03 1st printing caberet
Berzerk Stern K4602-5796 K4615-5808 Monitor schematic sheets
Berzerk Stern Stella Joystick Replacement German booklet.
Berzerk Stern operators manual hand-drawn style.
Bi-Plane Fun Games schematics blueprint
Black Widow
(Gravitar Retrofit)
Atari TM-23? 2nd Printing Fitting Black Widow to Gravitar cabinets
Black Widow Atari TM-234 2nd Printing Operators Manual
Black Widow Atari SP-234 1st Printing schems
Blasteroids Atari TM-316, SP-316, ST-316
all 1st Printing

schems are from Atari Ireland factory ST = backdoor sheet

Blasteroids Manual Request Atari for TM-316 currently unavailable notice
Blasto Gremlin 420-0129 UPL pcb - all 3 cabinets detailed plus schems.
Blue Shark Taito BHD70014 uber rare!
Blockade Gremlin   schems
Bombjack Tehkan   manual plus full schem sheets
Boot Hill Midway Game No. 612 - March 1977 complete shipping package in original manilla envelope! schems, manual, cards etc..
Bosconian Namco  

photocopied manual

Breakout Atari TM-058 4th Printing  
Cat Box Users Guide Atari TM-179 June 10 1983  
Cat Box Z80 Interface
Atari TT-005-Z80 - June 10 1983 eliminate problems with z80 interface and game boards
California Speed Atari 16-30028-101
November 1997
(Hyperdrive to)
California Speed
Atari 16-44071-101
November 1998
Conversion Kit and Operation manual
(Hyperdrive to)
California Speed
Atari 16-10753.1
November 1998
Manual Ammendment
Car Polo Exidy Part One Service manual no schems
Carnival Gremlin/Sega 420-0498 complete with schems
Canyon Bomber Atari TM-097 2nd Printing  
Centipede Atari TM-182 1st, 5th printing  
Centipede Atari DP-182-01 2nd, 5th printing  
Centipede Atari DP-182-02 2nd, 4th printing  
Centipede Atari DP-188-01 1st, 2nd printing cocktail
Centipede Atari DP-188-02 2nd printing cocktail
Centipede Atari TM-188 2nd printing Cocktail manual
Centipede Atari TM-189 3rd printing Caberet manual
Centipede Atari DP-189-01 3rd printing caberet
Centipede Atari DP-189-02 3rd printing caberet
Challenger Centuri 374-10-0100 Service manual complete with schems
Centipede Atari TM-192 2nd print signature analysis guide manual
Championship Sprint Atari TM-292 1st printing owners manual
Championship Sprint Atari ST-292 1st printing backdoor inst card
Championship Sprint - Atari SP-292 1st printing schem package
Checkmate Midway   - manilla envelope with schems, no parts catalog
Cinemat System Cinematronics Rev B Service manual
Circus Exidy   manual and schems
Cloak and Dagger Atari TM-242 1st printing owners manuall
Cloak and Dagger Atari SP-242 1st printing Schematics
Cloak and Dagger Atari December 1983 3 sheets Defender conversion notes
Cobra Gunship Meadows Model CG-1 Operators manual - no schems
Colony 7 Taito 72-00005-001  
Computer Games Operators Handbook Kurz-Kasch, Inc   light blue cover, no atari info
Computer Games Operators Handbook Kurz-Kasch, Inc / Atari collaboration   light beige cover
Cops N' Robbers Atari TM-059 1st Printing  
Cosmic Guerilla Universal Aug 1979 Japanese - monitor schematics, none for game pcb though
Cosmic Alien Universal Jan 1980 factory photocopy Harley St. UK office.
Cosmic Avenger Universal 1981.9.U.10  
Crash Exidy July 1979 manual with schems
Crash 'N Score Atari TM-048  
Crazy Balloon 'color' Taito UBO700012  
Crazy Climber Nichibutsu   cocktail service instruction manual w/schems
Crossbow Exidy version 2.0 operators and service manual w/schems
Crusader     operation notes for test modes etc, computer printout!
Crystal Castles   TM-241 1st print operators manual
Crystal Castles   TM-241 2nd print operators manual
Crystal Castles   TM-271 installation instructions to convert centipede->ccastles
Crystal Castles   TM-265 1st printing Conversion instructions for Arabian, Food Fight, Dig Dug and Kangaroo
Crystal Castles   CO-265-01 corrections on control panel part numbers plus a second sheet with all included kit parts
Crystal Castles   SP-241 2nd print Schematics
CVS GamePack Century Electronics   Thin 4 page 'Conversion Instructions'
Cyberball Atari

TM-326 1st, 2nd print
SP-326 1st print


Cyberball 2072

Atari TM-334, SP-334 1st print

dedicated - TM has creases in cover.

Cyberball 2072

Atari TM-339 1st print universal kit installation instructions with schems! (Jamma pcb)


Game Name Manufacturer Numbers comments
Deco cassette system DECO ND-20U-21 operator manual only
De Luxe to
Elevator Action Kit
Taito 72-10009-001 Conversion Kit instructions,
but what theheck is De Luxe!?!
Defender Williams 16P-3001-300 october 1981 Theory of operation, EARLY system boards
Defender Williams 16P-3001-301 october 1981 Theory of operation, LATER system boards upright or table - PHOTOCOPY from Dave Langley
Defender Williams 16p-3001-101 RT April 1981 schems photocopy from Dave Langley
Defender Williams 16p-3001-101 February 1981 orange cover
Depthcharge Gremlin   owners manual w/schems
Destroyer Atari TM-106 1st printing  
Desert Patrol P.S.E   missing rear red cover
Dig Dug Atari TM-202 1st printing Irish cabinet version manual
Dig Dug Atari TM-203 1st, 3rd printing US cabinet version
Dig Dug Atari SP-202 1st printing namco pcb
Dig Dug Atari SP-203 2nd, 3rd printing US pcb version - slight tear to cover of 2nd, holes in left side of 3rd.
Dominos Atari TM-089 1st Printing  
Donkey Kong Nintendo TKG4-UP 2 pcb type operation manual - stuck together
Donkey Kong Nintendo TKG-3 schematics - big thing pink cover
Donkey Kong Nintendo TKG3-UP operation manual
Donkey Kong Junior Nintendo DJR1-UP 2 pcb type operation manual wih schems
Drag Race Atari TM-061 1st, 2nd Printing includes sheet showing location of serial number
Dragon Saber Namco   Japanese
Dragon's Lair Atari   NSM service information sheets in german 3 sheets
Dragon's Lair Atari CO-256-06 PROM U45 change
Dragon's Lair Atari CO-256-07 prelim manual with schems
Dragon's Lair Atari Preliminary manual ripped/marked cover
Dragon's Lair Atari SP-256 1st Printing  
Dragon's Lair Atari TM-256 1st Printing  
Dragon's Lair Manual Request Atari Ireland CO-256-01 1st print send off the slip to recieve the manual that was missing when the game shipped
Dunk Shot Atari TM-303 1st Printing  
Elimination Atari / Kee TM-022  
Eliminator Sega/Gremlin part no. 420-0603 owners manual
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Atari TM-336 1st printing ripped cover, with tape marks
Universal Kit Installation instructions
Explorer Sidam    
Fax Exidy Version 1.0  
F-1 Atari TM-088 1st Printing nos with extra schem sheets
Final Lap Atari TM-322 1st Printing  
Final Lap Atari SP-322 1st Printing two versions with same numbering, one with 'upright' printed on it. Other one is stamped with 'shop' on each page and may have come from Atari USA factory.
Final Lap Atari TM-325 1st print upright model red cover
Final Lap Atari CO-322-01 Final Lap Seat Modification
Final Lap Atari not shown upright model prototype-proof manual master from California factory
Fire Truck Atari TM-115 1st Printing  
Firefox Atari TM-253 1st Printing Operators Manual with IPL
Firefox Atari TM-253-02 2nd Printing Volume 2 Illustrated parts lists.
Firefox Atari 1C183 3-5-84 Technical Bulletin Amp monitor modification
Firefox Atari SP-253 2nd Printing sheets 1-7 only. missing 8-15
Flyball Atari TM-075 1st Printing nos, plus 3 addenda sheets
Food Fight Atari TM-229 1st Printing From Atari CA factory, has lots of handwritten parts notes, incorrect details highlighted, some memos and flyer stapled into it.
Food Fight Atari SP-229 1st Printing  
Football Atari TM-126 1st Printing nos
Football Atari 1x IOM and 5 ECN's  
Football Atari TM-126 2nd Printing  
Football Atari TM-126 5th Printing Field Service Seminar Manual Abridged Version
Formula K Atari / Kee TM-020 yellow cover, bound
Formula K Kee Games   red covers, spiral bound
Frisky Tom Nichibutsu 420-0647 service instruction - inc schems
Frogger Sega/Gremlin 420-0647 plus homemade bound cover version
Frogs Gremlin 721-0001  
Galaga Midway 0508-00300-0000  
Galaxia Shoei small-size booklet manual!
Galaxia Zaccaria factory copies technical amanual AND schematics!
Galaxian Bell-Fruit 92-205-310
March 1980
issue 1 - with SubElectro Stratos instruction sheet and cabinet wiring diagram schem
Galaxian Midway February 1980 grotty workshop copy plus schems
Galaxian Namco 23019211 original schematic sheets!
Game Tree PSE  

Operators manual with schems

Gauntlet Atari TM-284 1st Printing  
Gauntlet Atari CO-284-01EI wiring diagram for Irish built cabinet
Gauntlet Atari ST-284 backdoor sheet
Gauntlet Atari SP-284 1st Printing  
Gauntlet (2player) Atari SP-289 1st Printing  
Gauntlet (2player) Atari SP-289 1st Printing  
Gauntlet Legends Atari 16-34022-101
April 1999
Universal Kit
Gauntlet Legends Atari 16-10752
November 1998
Manual Amendment
Gauntlet Legends Atari 16-10755
November 1998
Manual Amendment (just a single sheet)
Gauntlet II Atari CO-284-07 1st Printing Conversions instructions for the four player & Two player Gauntlet II
Gee Bee Namco 1st japanese
Ghost-N-Goblins Romstar / Capcom   brief instruction manual
Goal IV Atari TM-035 staple bound with extra schem sheet
Gorf Midway 0873-00300-000 with schems and manilla envelope
Gorf (Card Rack System Part I) Midway 00237-8012  
Gotcha Atari TM-016 strange wide factory photocopy with poor quality schems
Gotcha Atari schems clear large sheet copies of schems Rev F - like found in KK manual
Gran Trak 10 Atari TM-003 staple bound blue cover
Gran Trak 10 Atari   fully bound, white
Gran Trak 20 Atari TM-004 fully bound, red, nos
Gran Trak 20 Atari   Tonnes of customer service bulletins
Gran Trak 20 Atari   stapled, white cover, small binder holes
Gran Trak 20 Atari TM-004 stapled, white cover, large binder holes
Grand Champion Taito GR070013 very well bound! with Schems for Cockpit
Grand Champion Taito America Rev 1 72-00012-001 red cover with Schems for Upright
Gravitar Atari SP-206 1st Printing  
Gravitar Atari CO-206-02 corrections sheet
Gravitar Atari TM-206 1st Printing  
Guardians of the 'Hood Atari TM-377 1st Printing Kit Installation Instructions with basic schems
Gumball Rally Atari TM-355 1st Printing  
Gun Fight Midway November 1975 parts catalog plus wiring schematic
Hard Drivin' Atari TM-327 1st, 3rd Printing  
Hard Drivin' Atari SP-327 1st Printing  
Hard Drivin' Atari TM-329 1st Printing Compact Operators manual
Hard Drivin' Atari SP-329 1st Printing Compact Operators manual
Hard Drivin' Atari SP-327 1st Printing from Atari Ireland
Highway Atari TM-028 stapled, green cover large binder holes
Hoop It Up 3 on 3 Atari TM-403 2nd Printing Operators manual
Hydra Atari TM-354 1st print Universal Kit Installation Instructions
Stapled notes sheet inside front cover.
Hyper Olympic Konami   operator manual booklet thing
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Atari SP-282-T 1st Printing TTL version schematics factory photocopy
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Atari TM-282 1st Printing  
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Atari SP-282 1st Printing factory photocopy?
Indy 4 Atari TM-055 red
Indy 800 Atari / Kee TM-026 yellow, bound.
I, Robot Atari TM-251 1st Printing immaculate
I, Robot Atari SP-251 1st Printing schems
I, Robot Atari ST-251 1st Printing folded backdoor sheet but nice!
I, Robot Atari CO-251-02 1st Printing  
I, Robot Atari CO-251-03EI Irish supplement!
Ivan Ironman Stewarts Off Road Racing Leland 71-13606-22  
Instructions Of Astro Fighter DECO   with rom board schematic sheet?
Jet Fighter Atari TM-027 blue, bound.
Joust Williams 16P-3006-101 Rev A
December 1982
Drawing Set
Joust Williams 16P-3006-101
September 1982
Instruction Manual
Joust Williams 16P-3006-101
October 1982
Instruction Manual
JR. Pac-Man Midway 0A29-00300-0001 field conversion kit instructions
Kangaroo Atari SP-204 2nd Printing sheets 2-12 only
Kangaroo Atari TM-204 2nd Printing  
Kangaroo Atari TM-204 3rd Printing Mostly describes Irish cabinet version
Killer Instinct Midway DO0035
January 1995
Killer Instinct Midway 16-40047-101
November 1994
Kiosk Atari TM-076 yellow/bound plus kiosk kit sheets, this came from CA factory
Klax Atari TM-348 1st Printing  
Knuckle Bash Atari TM-386 1st Print Universal Kit Installation Instructions with basic schems
Kram Taito 72-00017-001 plus schematics
Lazarian Midway 0636-00300-0000 august 1982
Leader Midway December 1973 Parts catalog plus schems and instruction booklet.
Lemans Atari TM-077 1st, 2nd plus addenda sheets
Liberator Atari TM-209 1st Printing  
Lunar Lander Atari DP-136-01 1st, 2nd, 3rd Printing  
Lunar Lander Atari DP-136-02 1st, 3rd Printing  
Lunar Lander Atari TM-136 2nd, 3rd, 4th Printing  



Game Name Manufacturer Numbers comments
Mace The Dark Age Atari 16-34014-101 Universal Kit Operation manual NOS
Mad Planets Taitel '83 42000006 UK Taitel manual!
Magical Spot Universal September 1980  
Magical Spot Universal / Electrocoin   torn cover :|
Major Havoc Atari SP-252 2nd Printing schematics
Major Havoc Atari CO-252-03 1st printing Supplement to Conversion instructions manual TM-268
Major Havoc Atari CO-252-04 1st Printing Supplement to TM-267 instruction manual - Conversion pcb notes
Major Havoc Atari CO-252-05 1st Supplement to TM-268, 1st Printing - 5 pages
Major Havoc Atari CO-252-06 1st Supplement to C0-252-05 encoder wheel documentation
Major Havoc Atari CO-267-01 1st Supplement to Conversion Manual Instructions for Tempest - 5 pages
Major Havoc Atari CO-267-02 2nd Supplement to Conversion Manual Instructions for Tempest - 2 pages
Major Havoc Atari TM-252 1st Dedicated Operators manual, slight crease in cover
Major Havoc Atari TM-267 1st Conversion Manual Instructions for Tempest
Major Havoc Atari TM-268 1st Conversion Manual Instructions for Space Duel, Black Widow, and Gravitar
Marble Madness Atari CO-276-01 1st Printing Supplement to the operators manual
Marble Madness Atari SP-276-A 1st Printing TTL and LSI versions
Marble Madness Atari SP-276 1st Printing  
Marble Madness Atari TM-276 1st Printing  
Mario Bros. Nintendo TMA1-UP TMA1-UP-US plus full schematics sheets
Mayday bootleg schematics  
Maximum Force Atari 16-34013-101 Universal Kit Operation manual
Mazer Blazer Stern / Atari MB. SP.--001 1st Printing schems from Atari Ireland
Mazer Blazer Stern   factory photocopy
MCR II System Midway 0986-00300-0000 factory photocopy?
MCR System Games Midway M051-00986-A025 standardized general instructions
Mega-Tech System Sega 420-5901 Deith owners manual
Mega Zone Konami / Interlogic   manual plus schems
Metro-Cross Namco  

photocopied manual

Mechanical Assemblies Atari TM-198 - 1981 $2.50 price 'old' on cover, orange/pink
Mechanical Assemblies Atari TM-198 2nd Printing 1982 $5.00 price, blue/red
Mechanical Assemblies Atari TM-198 3rd printing $5.00 price, blue/white Atari Games Corp.
Mechanical Assemblies Atari CO-198-01 blue cover - supplement to Mech Assembl TM-198
Middle Earth (pinball) Atari TM-108 1st printing with correction sheets pasted in.
Middle Earth (pinball) Atari TM-108 1st printing all schematics
Midway's Service Bulletin folder Midway 1980 -> 1982 version  
Midway's Service Bulletin folder Midway 1978 -> 1980 version  
Millipede Atari CO-217-01 Supplement To the 1st printing manuals with revision differences
Millipede Atari CO-217-04 Supplement describing the use of the Atari Raster monitor
Millipede Atari TM-217 1st, 2nd, 3rd Printing  
Millipede Atari SP-217 1st, 2nd Printing  
Missile Command Caberet Manual Request Atari Ireland -  
Mission-X DECO 'conventional' 3 schematic sheets
Missile Command Atari ST-147 2nd Printing backdoor sheet
Missile Command Atari TM-147 1st, 2nd Printing  
Missile Command Atari DP-147-01 -02 2nd Printing  
Missile Command Atari CO-158-01 supplement to cabaret man
Missile Command Atari TM-158 1st Printing cabaret
Missile Command Atari DP-158-01 -02 1st Printing cabaret
Monaco GP Sega stand model not full schems
Monte Carlo Atari ST-149 1st Printing back door sheet
Monte Carlo Atari TM-149 1st Printing  
Moon Alien Nichibutsu   service instruction booklet plus schematics and original factory envelope!
Moon Alien Nichibutsu   several photocopied manuals
Moon Cresta Sega/Gremlin owner's manual 420-0518  
Moon Cresta Nichibutsu Service instructions with full schems
Moon Patrol Williams 16-3007-103 Sep 1982 Drawing set
Moon Quasar Nichibutsu   service instruction booklet
Mortal Kombat 3 Kit Midway March 1995 16-44039-101 plus ultimate rom upgrade kit instruction sheet 16-10060 9/15/95
Mortal Kombat Kit
Using the T-Unit CPU
Midway February 1993 16-43725-101-B  
Mortal Kombat Kit Midway August 1992 16-43125-101 plus 'winner stays on' credit stickers plus addendum sheet 16-43125-AMD-1
Mortal Kombat Midway October 1992 16-40029-101  
Moto Frenzy Atari TM-379 1st Printing Mini-Deluxe
Mr. Do! Universal service manual manual plus copied sheets
Mr. Do's Castle Universal service manual  
Ms Pac-Man Midway January 1982 0595-00300-0000  
Neo Geo MVS SNK / Electrocoin 64070  
Neo Geo MVS SNK MV25UP-0 MV25TA-0  
Neo Geo MV-1F SNK Service manual English language, original
Nibbler Rock-Ola form: no. 834
part no. G-6520
factory copy with full schems
Night Driver Atari TM-080 1st Printing plus addenda sheets
Off The Wall Atari TM-372 1st Printing Universal Kit installation Instructions
Olympic TV Hockey/Football Chicago Coin    
Omega Race Midway   Parts and Operating manual all models
Orbit Atari TM-127 1st Printing plus addenda sheets
Ordyne Namco system 2 rom install config. Japanese
Outlaw Atari TM-040 plus addenda sheets
Outrun Sega 420-5305-02 AT 1st Printing-JN upright owners manual blue cover
Outrun Sega 420-5305-PL 2nd Printing JN Illustrated Parts manual
Outrun Sega 420-5305-02 1st Printing NV upright manual
Outrun Sega 90500010 1st Printing U.K. mini-upright manual
Ozma Wars Taito   conversion instructions for SI pcbs plus schems
Pac-man Plus
Conversion Kit
Midway M051-00338-A004  
Pac-man Midway 0932-00300-0000 dec 1980 covered in crap.
Pac-man Midway 0932-00300-0000 dec 1980 Manual, Manilla envelope, 2x warranty cards and all schems etc, complete.
Trouble Shooting
Logic Board Part I
Midway 00238-8012 Lots of my notes all over it.
Pac-Mania Atari TM-315 1st Printing  
Pac-Mania Atari SP-315 1st Printing  
Pac-Pack Bally Midway M051-00127-A011 field conversion kit instructions
Paddle Battle Allied    
Paperboy Atari TM-275 1st Printing  
Paperboy Atari SP-275 1st Printing  
Paperboy Atari ST-275 1st Printing backdoor sheet
Pat 9000 (test rig) Atari TM-200 full colour binder!
Phoenix bootleg   cocktail manual
Phoenix Centuri   Service manual and schems
Pin Pong Atari TM-007 bright green cover!
(inc. Rev G Schems with visual issues)
Pin Pong Atari schematics Rev F and Rev G paper
Pinball Troubleshooting Guide Atari TM-114 1st Printing bound photocopy
Piranha US Billiards   with full schems
Pit-Fighter Atari TM-357 1st Printing  
Pit-Fighter Atari CO-357 1st Printing game pcb assembly 4mb proms
Pit-Fighter Atari CO-357-02 1st Printing revised Grounding Method for Control Panel Assembly
Playtime Midway January 1974 Parts Catalog and schematics and stapled instruction booklet.
Planet Alca instruction manual  
Pleiades Centuri   Service manual and schems, plus subelectro wiring sheet.
Polaris Taito   schematic sheets
Pole Position Atari TM-218 1st, 3rd, 7th Print  
Pole Position Atari ST-218-01 2nd Printing backdoor sheet
Pole Position Atari CO-218-01 Namco pcb equipped cabinet supplement
Pole Position Atari CO-218-09 supplement to manual and schems, shows parts list changes and schematic updates.
Pole Position Atari SP-218 5th Printing Atari pcb version
Pole Position Atari SP-219 1st Printing namco pcb version
Pole Position Namco   jap cockpit manual in english!
Pole Position II Atari TM-255 1st Printing enhancement instructions
Pole Position II Atari ST-255 1st Printing backdoor sheet
Pole Position II Atari CO-218-12 1st Printing operator information
Pole Position II Atari CO-218-14 1st Printing operator information - COMPACT
Poolshark Atari TM-083 1st Printing  
Popeye Nintendo TPP 2-UP TPP 2-UP-US plus full schems
Popeye Atari-Nintendo TMM-popeye? sadly the first 3 pages are missing the top third of the page :(
Pot Shot Atari TM-318 1st printing contains schems
Primal Rage
- Universal kit instructions
Atari TM-397 1st printing plus schems
Primal Rage
- Operators manual
Atari no TM number shown!
(should be TM-395)
plus schems
Primal Rage Atari ST-395 1st, 2nd printings backdoor instruction sheets
Primal Rage
- update kit instructions
Atari CO-395-03 1st printing eprom upgrade instructions
Primal Rage
- Showcase cabinet supplement
Atari CO-395-01 1st printing supp. to tm-395 and TM-393
Puck-Man bootleg   loads of schems
Puck-Man Honly/bootleg   water damaged, but appears to be a direct copy of the original namco manual.
Pulsar Sega/Gremlin 420-0601 with options sheets
Pursuit Atari TM-019 white, stapled, big binder holes
Q*Bert Gottlieb   instruction manual
Q*Bert Gottlieb how to play single card sheet
Q*Bert Gottlieb   schematics copies
Qix Taito 72-00008-001 Rev 1 with loads of tech bulletins 'Service Tips' and schems
Quadrapong Atari   schem sheets copies
Quantum Atari TM-221 SP-221 1st plus CO-221-01 supplement
Quasar Zaccaria   technical manual
Quiz Show Atari TM-060  
Qwak Atari TM-008 white cover, stapled, large binder holes. plus schem sheets
R-Type Nintendo RTP-UP-US complete set with schems and XM-2001 monitor schem
R.B.I. Baseball Atari CO-312 1st Printing game options
R.B.I. Baseball Atari TM-312 1st Printing Vs. System cabinets Kit install instructions
Race Drivin' Atari TM-362 1st Printing Compact Kit Installation instructions
Race Drivin' Atari TM-356 1st Printing Kit Installation instructions
Race Drivin' Atari CO-351-01 1st Printing Cockpit Link available!
Race Drivin' Panorama Atari TM-368 1st Printing Prototype!?!
Radikal Bikers Atari 16-30038-101
June 1998
Dedicated Game Operation manaul
Rally For-Play   Flyer with basic photocopied wiring diag and basic instructions.
Rampart Atari TM-359 1st Printing Universal Kit Installation Instructions, stapled photocopy, possibly Irish factory copy.
Rampart Atari TM-366 1st Printing 3-player dedicated with basic schems
Radarscope Nintendo TRS-UP/CP  
Rebound Atari Bulletin 101-1 'Computer service Manual'
Red Alert GDI / IREM 9/24/8? manual and schems for M27
Red Baron Atari TM-169, DP-171
1st Printings
Schematics package 3 sheets
Manual cover says 'cabaret' with a sticker over it - contents are for UR!
Relief Pitcher Atari TM-376 1st Printing  
Relief Pitcher Atari CO-376-02 1st Printing Baseball card dispenser kit information - plus a send-away postcard for a free 'tournament kit'.
Return Of The Jedi Atari ST-227 1st Printing Schematics and various paperwork
Road Burners Atari 16-30025.1-101
April 1999
27" Dedicated Game manual
Road Champion Williams   1975!
Road Riot 4WD Atari TM-369 1st printing operators manual for full twin sitdown
Road Riot 4WD Atari SP-369 1st printing looks like the schematics are a cut-down version for simplicity.
Road Riot 4WD Atari CO-369-02 1st printing Instructions for retrofitting the Flange Bearing
Road Riot 4WD Atari TM-373 2nd Printing universal Kit installation instructions with back of cabinet serial numer stickers!
RoadBlasters Atari CO-298-02 1st Printing corrections to irish parts in manuals
RoadBlasters Atari TM-298, SP-298, ST-298
1st Printings
RoadBlasters Atari TM-299, SP-299
1st Printing
Road Runner Alca usual Alca, a bit light on the details -
Road Runner Atari TM-285 1st Operators Manual
Road Runner Atari SP-285 1st LSI Game Cartridge 3 Schems
Robotron Williams 16P-3005-101 March 1982 instruction manual
Robotron Williams 16P-3005-103 April 1982 Drawing Set
Roc'N Rope Kosuka / Konami   Kit instruction manual plus full schems
Rolling Crash Nichibutsu   Schematics and various paperwork
Rolling Thunder Atari CO-300-04 1st Printing weekly cleaning alert
Rolling Thunder Atari SP-300 1st Printing  
Rolling Thunder Atari TM-300 2nd Printing  
Rolling Thunder 2 Namco system 2 rom install config. Japanese


Game Name Manufacturer Numbers comments
San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing Atari 16-30015-101
December 1996
San Francisco Rush The Rock Atari 16-34031-101
October 1997
Game Conversion Kit
San Francisco Rush 2049 Atari 16-30036-101
July 1999
With Ammendments
Sanyo Monitor manual request Atari    
Scramble Subelectro   service information booklet
Scramble Summit Coin   Schematic sheets interesting rarity!
Sea Wolf Midway March 1976 Parts catalog plus wiring diagram sheet
Sea Wolf II Midway June 1 1978 complete manilla envelope package, all manuals/schems and paperwork
Shark Jaws Horror Games / Atari TM-047  
Shuffle Board Midway   Manilla envelope with all paperwork, but no parts catalog.
Shuuz Atari TM-358 1st Printing Kit Installation instructions
Shoot Away Namco Maintenance Service Manual B in English
Showcase 33 Cabinet Atari TM-393 2nd Printing  
Skydiver Atari TM-117 1st Printing  
Skyraider Atari TM-111 1st Printing  
Skull & Crossbones Atari TM-342 1st Printing 'Universal Kit Install instructions'
-contains full schematics
Smash T.V. Williams April 1990 16-3044-U1-101 25" monitor Game 3044-U1  
Smokey Joe Atari TM-116 1st Printing  
Snap Jack Universal Operation Maintenance with Schematics - factory photocopy?
Snapper ALCA operator manual with Schematics ! (pacman)
Soccer Atari TM-144 no schematics (need the DP's)
Space Attack ALCA   original Schematics
Space Attack Video Games GMBH   in English
Space Attack Video Games GMBH   in German
Space Duel Atari SP-181 1st Printing missing cover (sheet 1)
Space Duel Atari SP-181 2nd Printing missing cover (sheet 1)
Space Duel Atari TM-181 1st Printing minty
Space Duel Atari TM-181 2nd Printing binding has been cut off for binder mounting
Space Firebird Nintendo TSF-CPU 500802 original set of schematics
Space Firebird Tehkan   nice original rare manual!
Space Fever (color) Nintendo   maintenance manual, huge!
Space Invaders Taito SVN00001B L-shape sound pcb schematic remastered modern printout
Space Invaders Taito SVO70019 upright manual, english
Space Invaders Taito AA017742A L-shape main pcb schematic remastered modern printout
Space Invaders Taito   Full set of CVN schematic manilla package
Space Invaders Midway May 1979 Game No. 775 Manilla envelope with schems too, D739
Space Invaders Midway A084-90700-D739 SI CT sound schematic
Space Invaders Midway   upright and table wiring schematics
Space Invaders Midway A084-90700-B000 SI sound schematic
Space Invaders Midway   manilla envelope complete and in mint condition, only opened in 1998
Space Invaders color Taito AA017757 color cpu pcb schems large copy
Space Invaders color Taito   complete CVN schematic package
Space Invaders Deluxe Midway A082-90000-L000 8080 mainboard schematic
Space Invaders Deluxe Midway A082-90700-A000 SI II CT, Deluxe SI UP, Deluxe SI CT sound pcb schematic
Space Invaders Deluxe Midway A082-90700-A000 SI II CT, Deluxe SI UP, Deluxe SI CT sound pcb schematic
Space Invaders Deluxe Midway January 1980 manilla envelope with lots of paperwork and parts catalog
Space Invaders DX Taito   Japanese
Space Invaders Part II Taito AAO17756A color Rom pcb schematic large, copy
Space Invaders Part II Taito AAO17771 single cpu/rom pcb schematic large, copy
Space Invaders Part II Taito UVO70010 upright english manual
Space Invaders Part II Taito UVO70005 upright Jap manual
Space Invaders Part II Taito PVN00004 sound pcb schematic large, copy
Space Invaders Part II T.T Taito   original schems in manilla envelope
Space Invaders Part II T.T Taito PVO70021 english
Space Invaders T.T Taito SVO70012 cocktail lid instruction card, jap.
Space Invaders T.T color Taito CVO70015 TT manual english
Space Odyssey Sega/Gremlin 420-0610  
Space Panic Universal   missing rear cover, and its a bit grubby
Space Race Syzygy / Atari   various field service bulletins
Space Race Syzygy / Atari   real schematic blueprint sheets
Space Riders (pinball) Atari TM-119 1st Printing schematics sheet 1 of 2
Space Riders (pinball) Atari TM-119 1st Printing schematics sheet 2 of 2
Space War Cinematronics / Vectorbeam   various copies of manuals/schems
Space Zap Midway 0902-00300-000 October 1980  
Spectar Exidy 1.1 + 1.0 both operator manual and service manuals
Speed Freak Vectorbeam   factory photocopy stapled
Speed Freak Vectorbeam   fully printed/bound
Sprint 2 Atari / Kee TM-078 1st,2nd Printing plus clock timing sheet
Sprint 4 Atari TM-104 factory photocopy
Sprint 4 Atari ST-104 1st Printing Pink selt-test instruction card
Sprint 8 Atari TM-087 1st Printing looks like a factory photocopy in a nice binder.
Sprint One Atari IPC-095 1st Printing  
Sprint One Atari TM-095 1st Printing  
Star Hawk Cinematronics    
S.T.U.N Runner Atari ST-338 1st printing back door sheet
S.T.U.N Runner Atari TM-338 1st printing
SP-338 1st, 2nd
SP-338 2nd looks like factory photocopy
Star Castle Cinematronics   factory photocopy stapled
Star Castle Hoei SC-007T cocktail photocopy manual
Star Trek Sega 420-1023 Deluxe Game Kit
Star Fire Exidy April 1979 Operators Manual - with schems!
Star Wars cockpit Atari TM-245 1st, 2nd Printing 1st has writing on cover
Star Wars Atari TM-225 2nd Printing  
Star Wars Atari SP-225 1st, 2nd Printing (1st is photocopy)
Star Wars Atari CO-225-06 important sig. analysis error corrections in 1st printings
Star Wars Atari tech tip booklet on mods to keep your SW running perfectly, preventative maintenance etc.
Star Wars Atari Bulletin Aug 30 1983 blue sheet, immediate attention!
Star Wars Atari TT-010-SW green sheet on mods to keep your SW running perfectly, preventative maintenance etc.
Star Wars Atari from Sales VP sheet concerning price of play reccomendations
Starfire Exidy

december 1978

Installation Instructions + Schematics
factory photocopies?
Starship 1 Atari IPC-85 1st Printing Illustrated Parts Catalog
Starship 1 Atari TM-85 1st Printing  
Steel Talons Atari TM-370, SP-370 1st Printings - Operators Manual
- Schematic package
'service' written on cover of both.
Steeplechase Atari TM-046 Two versions of cover, Screenshot and cabinet outline (TM-046 KIOSK).
Sting Subelectro handbook has schems, but is a bit light on the details...
Stratovox Taito adjustment sheet  
Stratovox Taito   schems, originals and photocopies
Stratovox Taito 960032  
Street Fighter Alpha
Warriors Dream
Capcom Coin-Op Inc. PM00125-KIT 063095 blue cover, bound
Street Fighter II Capcom    
Street Fighter II Capcom USA    
Street Fighter II
Champion Edition
Bootleg   sheet detailing 'Accelerator kit' installation
Street Fighter II
Champion Edition
Capcom USA    
Street Fighter II
Champion Edition
Bootleg SCT1300 v.1 sheet detailing 'TURBO EPROMS' installation
Stunt Cycle Atari TM-057 plus addenda sheet
Subs Atari TM-132 1st Printing x2 Coloured version has marr on cover - also have a white/red cover version !?
Super Block Taito SLO70007  
Super Breakout Atari TM-118 1st, 3rd Printing 2x 3rd - (one mint)
Super Bug Atari / Kee TM-098 1st, 2nd Printing  
Super Contra Konami 775400 with schematics
Super Sprint Atari TM-290 SP-290 1st Printing  
Superman (pinball) Atari TM-110 1st Printing  
Superman (pinball) Atari IPC-110 1st Printing Illustrated Parts Catalog
Superman (pinball) Atari 4 Schematic sheets plus supplement about battery backup issues. -Complete manual/schem package in plastic as new, with ball/score cards etc..
Super Street Fighter II
the new challengers
Capcom USA   factory photocopy
System I Atari TM-277 1st Printing  
System I Atari SP-277 1st Printing  
System I Atari SP-280 1st Printing Peter Pack Rat LSI schems
T-Mek Atari TM-394 1st Printing Operators manual with basic schems
Tac/Scan Sega 420-0795 Owners manual
Tailgunner Cinematronics   service manual
Tank Atari / Kee TM-036 orangey cover plus 'jitter' bulletin
Tank Kee   light beige stapled
Tank 8 Atari TM-063  
Tank II Atari / Kee TM-049  
Tapper Bally/Midway 0A11-00300-0000 Parts/operating manual with schems
Targ Exidy 1.1 technical manual
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Konami 963400 4 player upright manua with a bunch of jump/move stickers, some used.
Tempest Atari ST-193 1st Printing cocktail! back door instruction sheet
Tempest Atari TM-190 2nd Printing  
Tempest Atari DP-190-01 1st, 2nd, 4th  
Tempest Atari DP-190-02 1st, 2nd  
Tempest Atari DP-190-03 1st, 2nd, 4th  
Tempest Atari DP-193-02 1st cocktail
Tempest Atari DP-193-03 1st cocktail
Tempest Atari TM-196 1st Printing caberet manual, missing back cover.
Tempest Atari DP-196-02 1st Printing caberet
Tempest Multigame guide Clay Cowgill rev 1.0 copy
Tempest Troubleshooting guide Atari TM-195 2nd Printing  
Terminator 2 Midway 16-40009-101 Oct 1991 small tear to cover
Tetris Atari TM-328 1st, 2nd Printing Kit installation Instructions
Tetris Atari CO-328-01 1st Printing corrections/clarifications to manual
Tetris Atari CO-328-02 1st Printing installing the joysticks
The Invaders Zaccaria   all schems, loads of paperwork
The Pit Centuri 380-01-0500 schems missing
The Tin Star Taito 72-00047-001  
Thunderjaws Atari TM-349 1st Printing Universal Kit Installation Instructions
Time Pilot Atari SP-223 1st Printing yes, Atari!
Time 2000 (pinball) Atari TM-099 1st Printing  
Tournament Game Promo Subsidy (orange sheet) Atari (C) TGI 1981 $100 game promotion subsidy notification for purchasing a 'tournament game'
Toobin' Atari SP-320 1st Printing schems
Toobin' Atari TM-320 1st Printing Operators Manual
Tournament Table Atari TM-113 1st Printing  
Tournament Table Atari ST-113 1st Printing backdoor sheet
Tournament Cyberball 2072 Atari TM-340 1st Printing Kit Installation Instructions - rom kit onto cyberball pcb looks like
Tournament Cyberball 2072 Atari TM-341 1st Printing Vs Dualsystem Kit Installation Instructions, has full schems inside.
Track & Field Centuri / Konami 901-2167 plus schem sheets
Track & Field Konami   silly small booklet thing
Trak 10 Atari TM-005 found inside TM-043 Video Game Operators Handbook
Triple Hunt Atari IPC-091 1st Printing Illustrated parts catalog
Triple Hunt Atari TM-091 1st Printing  
Tunnel Hunt Centuri 384-10-0100  
Turbo Sega 420-0681 upright and cockpit
Turbo-Mini Sega 420-0765  
Twin Racer Atari / Kee TM-021 staple bound large binder holes.
TX-1 Atari SP-262 1st Printing  
TX-1 Atari TM-262 1st Printing  
Ultra Invader bootleg / Konami? TM-107  
Ultra Tank Atari / Kee TM-107  
Vapor TRX Atari


sit-in dedicated game 25" color monitor operation manaul - writing on top cover.

Vanguard Centuri 375-10-0100 plus full schems
Video 21 Video Games GMBH   poker game? in German
Video Action ?   70's cocktail manual
Video Game Operators Handbook Atari TM-043 light blue cover - Sunnyvale address
Video Game Operators Handbook Atari TM-043 light beige cover - Los Gatos address
(contains TM-005)
Video Pinball Atari ST-130 1st Printing backdoor sheet
Video Pinball Atari TM-130 1st, 2nd Printing 2nd is a factory photocopy
Vindicators Atari ST-317 1st printing back door sheet
Vindicators Atari SP-317 1st printing schems
Vindicators Atari TM-317 1st printing  
Vindicators Part II Atari TM-323 1st printing Kit Conversion Instructions, a bit yellowed
Virtua Racing twin sit-down Sega 420-6056-02 3rd Printing JN Sega Europe model?
Vortex Zilec   taito conversion instructions
Vs. Unisystem Nintendo   loads of manuals for different cabs, gun kit, schems, VS-pak etc...
War Final Assault Atari 16-34037
May 1999
Universal Kit
Warlords Atari DP-175-01 1st Printing  
Warlords Atari DP / TM-175 1st Printing  
Warlords Atari CO-177-01 1st Printing correction
Warlords Atari DP-177-01 1st Printing CT
Warlords Atari DP-177-02 1st Printing CT
Warlords Atari TM-177 1st Printing CT manual
Warp Warp Rock-ola 818, G-5446 plus full schems
Wells Gardner Manual Request Atari Ireland -  
Wheels Midway schematics complete stapled schem package
Wheels & Racer Midway February 1975  
Wimbledon Nutting Assoc.   Service manual, no schems
Winner Midway   full schems
X-Men (4-Player) Konami 065410 with partial schems!
X-Men (6-Player) Konami 065400 with partial schems!
Xevious Atari SP-230 1st Printing Atari pcb
Xevious Atari SP-233 1st Printing namco pcb
Xevious Atari TM-230 1st Printing  
Xevious Atari CO-230-01 1st Printing  
Xybots Atari SP / TM-313 1st print  
Zaxxon Sega   schem sheets only
Z-Unit Williams 16-3036-201
Jan 27 1989
NARC tech manual essentially
Zigon Beta-Force bootleg ??   great manual of z80 invader clone cocktail, loads of schems, drawings etc. Has full monitor troubleshooting manual for Toei 20" CM-A20
Zoo Keeper Taito America 72-00036-001 manual and schems


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